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Welcome to the Phoenician Ship Expedition website. 


In 2008 - 2010 Phoenicia successfully recreated the first circumnavigation of Africa, believed to have been accomplished by Phoenician mariners in circa 600BC. This website is the historical record of the expedition and those who took part in it.


Our next expedition will explore the possibilities that the Phoenicians were the first peoples to discover the Americas by sea. Please click here for the new website Phoenicians Before Columbus.




'Sailing Close to the Wind'
the book of the circumnavigation of Africa is now available




Sailing Close to the Wind tells the story of the many set backs in designing and building Phoenicia and how the threat of piracy and sailing around the Cape of Good Hope was overcome in 20,000 mile voyage. All this was set against the backdrop of the Phoenicians almost forgotten maritime civilisation. The book is available on Amazon.co.uk for £9.99 at: Sailing Close to the Wind








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