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Aims and Objectives

Phoenicia was a bold and ambitious expedition which sought to rediscover and document the secrets of ancient Phoenician mariners. The expedition re-created one of mankind's greatest exploratory voyages in the history of seafaring by sailing the reconstructed Phoenician/Mediterranean vessel around Africa.

The project aims in brief:

  • To build the first reconstruction of a large Phoenician/Mediterranean vessel and attempt to re-create the first circumnavigation of ancient Africa.

  • To publicise the maritime skills and achievements of the Phoenicians through a wide range of media and to assist in the preservation of an ancient cultural heritage.

  • To test, from an exercise in experimental archaeology, the performance characteristics of the Phoenician/Mediterranean ship under sail.

  • To document the practical issues experienced in building and sailing a ship of this type.

  • To provide a number of young adults with the opportunity to participate in a once in a lifetime adventure and international community project.

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