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The Team



The Phoenician Ship Expedition was inspired and led by Philip Beale, whose past experience included leading the 2003-04 Borobudur Ship Expedition.  This involved building a replica 8th century Indonesian trading vessel which Philip and his multi-national crew sailed from Indonesia to West Africa. 

The Management Team
Please click on the hyperlinks to view photographs and background information on each member the Phoenicia Management Team:

Philip Beale - Expedition Leader
Alice Chutter - Project Manager
Nick Swallow - Project Advisor
Jo Phillips - PR Advisor
Nick Burningham - Marine Archaeologist
Orwah Bakker - Project Manager, Arwad
Khalid Hammoud - Shipwright, Arwad
Laurenne Mansbridge - Web Designer / Project Support
Merryn Johnson - Liaison Officer, 2008 launch
Danielle Eubank - Expedition Artist


Ship's Committee

The ship's committee assisted in all areas of planning regarding the ship including the ship's construction, equipment, supplies and logistics. Please click on the hyperlinks to view photographs of Ship's Committee members:

Paul Bayly
Rob Foote
Eric Hebert
Reg Hill
Victoria Sadler
Doug Smith
Kim Vickers
Gordon Teenan

Academic Advisors

The Phoenicia project drew upon a number of leading academics and advisors. These advisors were influential in the development of the project and contributed to the expedition concept and/or design specification of the ship.  The Phoenician Ship Expedition is extremely grateful for their support. 


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